5 Simple Ways we DESTROY Our Dreams

The Godfather of Dreams

The Godfather of Dreams

Many of us are extremely hopeful individuals, at least at first. When we set out to do anything, our hope usually exceeds our doubt by a ratio of at least 1 million to one.

As the pursuit of our dreams progress and we actually see that it is a bit more challenging than our fantasy made it seem, that ratio quickly begins to fall from the heavens and levels out to a more realistic ratio of 1 to 10 (hope to doubt).

Sadly, this happens to many of us throughout life.

Here are the 5 simple ways we turn our hopeful dreams, into cobweb filled fantasies.

Listen to yourself.

Listen to yourself.

And occasionally others

And occasionally others

1. Failing to listen to others for what their message is, then discarding the nonsense.

– Too many times we hate, or do not listen to “negative” messages because we think they will taint the image of our dream. This is true, but running or ignoring people allows those messages to develop into doubt.

Usually family and friends cannot understand a dream the way you do, so listening to their comments will at least clear the air. This allows them to start thinking for you.

2. Thinking about the finances.

– Times get rough and makes many of us either rush the process, or develop doubts about the path that we are taking to our dreams.





3. Proper Planning.

– Few of us plan our dreams properly, so mistakes/mis-steps are common. These will usually prove to the nay-sayers that we ignored initially that they were ‘right”, and eventually, we will begin to believe them and stop believing in ourselves.

4. One track-mindedness.

– Many of us stick to one idea and prepare to buckle down no matter what happens. This mindset is very useful, yet by allowing thoroughly combed information to enter the picture permits clearer solutions to flow.

5. Doubts.

– Most of us think doubting the vision means it will fail.

Entertain the doubts to see if they truly hold weight, it may just be a chance to address minor worries. Ignoring doubt will only keep your mind on it.


Take your time or you will lose every time.

Take your time or you will lose every time.



The Nature of Writing

As I humbly sit here I begin contemplating how to share my next thoughts with you. My mind races over the foundation of where it all conceptualized.

How did we as a species start writing? Why have we explored this field so indepth? Where will it take us?

Those are the simple inquiries that fill my head when thinking about this majestic art that I dearly cherish.

Sometimes I ponder why people write anything. Then again, maybe there is no need to wonder when you look at the examples in history.

The events that occured.
The moments that called out to our souls.
The emotions that people desired to express; the ones that pictures or film could not capture.

Writing and its enigmatic nature has fascinated millions, we have gotten to a point where the compelling thoughts of one’s mind can now shake mountains and essays are effortlessly sung and verbalized over rhythm to ignite deeply held feelings.

The very essence of this immaculate expression is overlooked by those that do not value the centuries of research. The tireless hours of perfecting syntax. The sheer power of a completely thought out and pristinely edited text.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just enthralled by its nature as I am with everything that captures my attention. But without the beauty of this art form, tens of millions of prominent ideas would be lost in history leaving the generations to come decades to rediscover the groundbreaking technologies that our predecessors have dedicated lifetimes to unearth.

I am happy to continuously explore the nature of writing because through the relationship that I am developing with it I will enhance the true meaning of expression.


Once More

When I awoke one morning my mind spoke to me and told me to be better than the day before. Of course I knew exactly what it meant, but I did not know in what areas. So it was then I opened my eyes and sat up to figure out what exactly I did to challenge myself, and at that moment I stopped thinking and said aloud, “It doesn’t matter what I did yesterday, all that matters is what I plan to do today.”

Once more I had the ability to make a difference in my life, so it is that mindset that I will carry with me each morning.

The Talented

Place a value on what you have practiced and go for it. Very few of us are aware of our talents and usually discredit them because, inadmittedly, we see others that outperform us. We see our “idols” and unrealistically think we are not capable of achieving the same or even greater heights, but the truth is, at one point, they were at a similar skill level. They practiced and challenged themselves to get better. They empowered themselves and set goals so they could see results to continue their pursuit for greatness. They innately knew what they wanted, and at any cost played the highest stakes and “gambled with the devil”.

The talented among us are risk takers to a degree, and like you and I, have fears that may get in the way of progress. The difference with their fear is that it keeps them focused on the task at hand instead of deterring them from achieving what they consider to be success. As I write this post I am practicing what I consider to be my talent, and regardless of where I currently am or who I idolize, I still believe that shining requires polish, so today and every subsequent day after, I will challenge myself to accomplish a new goal. Be one of the talented and go set new feats to destroy!



When all of the pieces are aligned and the moment is just right, or so you think, and what is expected to happen does not happen, usually there is an impulsive feeling that arises. For many, the feeling creates massive anxiety and tons of frustration simply because there is an urge to make things transpire at the exact instant. We wait a few more minutes, maybe days, for this event to occur, but it never happens. The more time that passes the less control we feel that we have over our lives. This is common and many of us handle this very similarly, depending on our current circumstances and how dire we need something to happen, we tend to panic almost instantaneously. At that very moment we actually do lose control because our mind shuts down and starts to emit signals of distress. Little to no thinking is happening and hyper-ventilation may occur.

Quick Help
To remain in control, calmly begin to breathe, this will allow oxygen to flow clearly to your brain allowing you to use your brilliant mind to think of the options that are available to you.

Now back to developing a high-level of patience, for most it is not going to be easy, but a few steps that I use that has helped me get to where I am with my patience.

1. Understand the magnitude of what is in your reach to control
2. Handle everything that you possibly can
3. Keep yourself occupied until the moment comes (other activities will keep your mind off of what you are waiting for)


The Morning

MelodiesSilent and alone I lay, as the birds begin to speak, “Where have you been? We haven’t heard a sound and we have been worried.” Still I lay quiet because I do not understand. I claim to know the language of the world, yet I do not comprehend their dialect. Again they resound with more compassion, “We can now hear your heart faintly beating, are you alright? We love the kindness that vibrates from your soul as you awaken, it makes us happy, but it has been many Sun rises that we have felt anything. What is wrong?” I hear what seems like beautiful songs projecting from their vocals, but I am still perplexed. My mind tries to translate, but all I hear are the melodies. One bird flies to the window to peer inside to see why I am unresponsive. It lands gracefully upon the ledge and begins, to me, a graceful prayer of musical remedies, “I know you are troubled and the pain is deeply embedded in your soul, but you have to LIVE. The world is not the same without you and your gift has yet to be share. Your soul must open its eyes again, it is the only way that your miracles can be seen. Please, please, please, I can only speak to your soul so allow it to awaken.” As I turned the bird gazed into my eyes looking through into my soul and at that moment, for a brief second, I could feel its soul connect with mine. Then it flew away and no more songs were uttered.